Care & Share by LeaseLine

‘Care & Share by Leaseline’ contract and working together on high-tech infection prevention

Customer reassurance

In the minds of many, the concern is: how am I going to motivate people to visit my practice, restaurant, office, showroom, shop… again? What should we, as entrepreneurs, do to take away the legitimate concerns of customers, patients, visitors and employees? How do we assume our responsibility in this respect?

From the point of view of ’emotional convenience’, it becomes more important than ever to let the wishes of the individual customer on the one hand and the concerns about society on the other hand merge into your business story.

Thanks to innovative, medically scientifically validated solutions and our service, you can guarantee your customers peace of mind and health on their journey. For example, that even the smallest microorganism (such as COVID-19) will be killed by automated disinfection.

By implementing and communicating this provided guarantee, you can offer your customers an answer to care, safety and trust. In this way, they can enjoy your services once again. By choosing our full-service contract ‘Care & Share by Leaseline’ you literally make a difference for your customers.

One step ahead of your competitor

When the world changes, an entrepreneur looks for a way to stand out from the crowd. Not to be better than the others, but to be the player with a unique identity that offers customers a magnetic added value.

By actively responding to the concerns of your customers, you as a company show that you have an eye for their health and safety. By focusing on preventive and active disinfection methods in your practice, shop, waiting room, cabin, etc., your customer will be able to enjoy your services more peacefully.

Who would you rather visit? The practice where clean air is guaranteed to circulate in every room, or the one without purification… Which machine would you prefer to rent, the one that has been disinfected and sterilised, or the one that still adheres harmful micro-organisms to the surfaces where possible? The choice is obvious.

Increase your sales, speed up customer communication via digital techniques, increase the number of possible consultations/reservations/visits (after decontamination, your space is immediately free for use). Our partners offer a wide range of solutions for every entrepreneur. LeaseLine will be happy to help you find the most suitable solution for you.

Care for your employees

The employees are the human capital of an organisation. Your people provide customer experience. Stressed, anxious employees convey negative emotions and experiences to their immediate environment, which is detrimental to your results and the health of your team.

If one of your employees is affected by a virus such as Corona (COVID-19), he or she may be absent for an extended period of time or unable to work at full capacity. They may become infected or infect others (cross-contamination).

So take care of your people. Offer them not only safety through gloves, masks and procedures, but even more: through innovative technology, contamination-free air and surfaces, automated solutions and disinfection.

By the way, did you know that LeaseLine can help you implement these solutions quickly and affordably? Through the full-care ‘Care & Share by LeaseLine’ we guarantee you the best deal tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Care for yourself

As a manager, entrepreneur, physician … you are the keystone of your organization. Each of you will try these weeks to anticipate the consequences of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the measures (which may return a few times a year) as well as possible. Good management is also to protect yourself preventively against temporary or permanent absence.

What if you yourself become ill or have to be quarantined? Taking preventive measures, via online tools, disinfection methods, etc. will help you avoid this situation.

Together with our partners, we are happy to help you stay afloat as a person and as a company. We hope to contribute to your continuity, you are not alone!

Care for your visitors

Pharmacy, day care, school, office, hospital, gallery, doctor’s waiting room, museum, congress centre… Every place where people gather, the risk of infection must be excluded as much as possible.

But how do you create a safe and healthy environment for everyone? How do you ensure that your visitors carry, transmit or pick up as few viruses and bacteria as possible?

LeaseLine has found partners who offer innovative, medically scientifically validated solutions that you can use for this purpose.

By implementing and communicating this provided guarantee, you can offer your visitors the necessary care, safety and trust. This means that everyone can once again use your rooms free of worries. By opting for the ‘Care & Share by LeaseLine’ contract you literally make the difference for your visitors without extra pressure on your finances.

Pandemic, the new normal

We live in a strange new reality. While awaiting a return to a “normal situation” we may have to go in lockdown three to four times a year. And what will be the lasting effects of this period of pandemic?

A world of working digitally and continued commitment to infection prevention will be the way to continue to do business successfully.

Together with our partners, we offer efficient solutions for this transition through bundled knowledge. Virtual Reality, AI (Artificial Intelligence), digital transformation,… are some of the possibilities for a manageable, workable ‘social distancing’ culture.

Thanks to our lease solutions, these techniques are perfectly attainable and you do not have to make a heavy investment.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Never waste a good crisis. The current crisis gives us the opportunity to think about our future. How can you, as an entrepreneur, cope with a crisis like COVID-19, keep an eye on your cash flow and at the same time look into the future, at where you stand in this society?

Entrepreneurship of the future will no longer be simply ‘looking at profit’, but rather ‘where is the need of people and society? The future is People, Planet, Profit.

Providing innovative solutions for people & the environment (curative and preventive), meaningful communication, care for employees, partnerships (sharing knowledge and network) … are all cornerstones of the new social entrepreneurship. Will you be a part of this new story of ’emotional convenience’?

Thanks to the combined knowledge and solutions of LeaseLine and its partners, you can now focus on sustainable social care for people, the environment and the planet. Focus on sustainable business practices and make use of the full-care service provided by ‘Care & Share by LeaseLine’.

Are you a supplier of high-end sustainable products that are eligible for leasing? Then it might be interesting to become a partner of LeaseLine. As a partner you will have access to an integrated white-label calculation module. This allows you to generate your own lease offers for your customers. Ideal for boosting your sales.

Building a better world together

COVID-19 – Disinfection through Technology & Artificial Intelligence

It seems that COVID-19 will continue to play the game for a while or possibly mutate to other forms of epidemics. Infection prevention will become the new normal.

At LeaseLine we are confident that we have found the necessary solutions for every entrepreneur.

From now on, you and your employees can work quickly, safely and cost-efficiently with the required protection. We only work with partners who offer scientifically substantiated and measurable solutions. Among other things, they offer:

  • killer solutions’ to fight the ‘killer virus’.
  • validated methods and advanced techniques
  • fully tailored to your rooms/practice/necessity
  • preventative and curative
  • good for people and the environment
  • easy to use
  • efficient against Corona and many other bacteria, viruses…

For example, one of our partners, Medtradex, is one of the only companies in the BeNeLux specialized in certified disinfection at hospital level to prevent cross-contamination (References: UZ Leuven, UZAntwerpen, CHU St Pierre…). Completely contactless, automated, through UVD robots and other innovative technologies such as Radic8, they provide a contamination free environment through cleaning and disinfection of air and surfaces.

Just like LeaseLine, our partners advise and guide any entrepreneur towards a customised solution in the field of safety.

Are you active in healthcare, pharmacy, childcare, veterinary practices, rest and care homes, schools, offices, dental practices, warehousing, shops, corridors, operating theatres, outpatient clinics, beauty salons … together we are happy to contribute to your health and success.

Are you a provider of innovative, scientifically validated technologies and installations to help entrepreneurs take a step forward? Then we would like to work with you as a partner.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Care & Share by LeaseLine’ for affordable financial solutions that make a difference, even today

From a financial point of view, it is not the best time for new investments, but thanks to our very own leasing solutions, we are able, more than other leasing partners, to make full use of flexibility, speed and fiscal knowledge for your company.

Our expertise ensures that any major investment is financially attainable for your business today.
The advantages of opting for high-quality technological disinfection via a ‘Care & Share by LeaseLine’ contract?

  • maximum care
  • cost-effective, fast, feasible solution
  • simplicity – one invoice, no surprises
  • all-in price – no matter what
  • great flexibility – adaptations possible
  • shorter financial and fiscal processing possible
  • 100% customisation and tax optimisation
  • you can keep up with technological developments faster
  • partner for you as an entrepreneur, ‘Because we care, we love to share’!

LeaseLine takes your worries off your hands, so that you can once again focus on what makes you happy – doing business with passion and success!

Ask here for a free, no-obligation offer or advice.


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