Independent leasing broker

Always the best leasing solution

As an independent leasing broker, we compare different proposals from different leasing companies or financial institutions to ensure you of the best possible conditions. We have many years of financial and fiscal expertise to develop a suitable method which gives you maximum benefit.

LeaseLine is committed to offer you the most complete service. No paperwork, no hassle. We make an analysis based on your fiscal, accounting and financial situation which will benefit your company. LeaseLine gives you one contact person, one contract and all benefits.

The benefits of leasing with Leaseline

Independent advice

We compare different providers

Always the best deal

Accessible and compliantly

What can I lease at Leaseline?

Different sectors

Agricultural sector

  • Combine harvesters
  • Agriculture engines
  • Agriculture material
  • Etc.
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IT, LED & Industry

  • Servers & printers
  • Forklift
  • LED lighting
  • Etc.
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  • Passenger vehicle
  • Company vehicle
  • Sports vehicle
  • Etc.
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Medical sector

  • Dental practice installations
  • Specific IT solutions
  • Laboratories and pharmacies
  • Etc.
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Types of leasing

The different types of leasing that Leaseline offers

Operational lease

You purchase a car and as soon as it leaves the car dealership, it is already worth significantly less. A well-known phenomenon, and undoubtedly also a financial risk that you’d rather avoid. Choose the operational lease and you can enjoy the new car, without the risks. The lessor is actually the owner and you only pay monthly usage fees.

Financial renting

You need a device, production machine or vehicle, but you would rather rent than purchase them? With financial renting you choose off-balance leasing: the lessor purchases the goods and rents them to you (the lessee) for a certain period of time in exchange for fixed monthly lease reimbursements.

Financial lease

Of the different types of leasing financial leasing is the most classic one. The lessor purchases a certain object from the chosen supplier in your name (the lessee). After signing the lease, the lessor finances the entire purchase and you pay monthly lease reimbursements for using the object.

Sale & lease back

You are already the owner of an investment object and looking back, leasing would have been a better option than purchasing after all? Sale & Lease back provides the solution.

Private lease

Besides the lease solutions we offer for companies, private lease can also be interesting because you benefit from the comfort of a predetermined monthly price.

Intra-communal leasing

Why pay unwanted expenses when you can avoid them with intra-communal leasing? By registering a car under a Belgian license plate, you can for instance discreetly bypass the Luxembourg CO2-write-off limitation or the Dutch BPM (i.e. Vehicle Registration Tax) and still recover the foreign VAT 100% throughout the leasing period.

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