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Having an eye for the ’emotional convenience’ of your customers is even more crucial today than ever before.

How do we create an environment that is as safe and healthy as possible for everyone who visits us and works for us?
What do we need to do to take away the concerns of customers, patients and employees?

As an entrepreneur, you can no longer ignore your role in the health of your customers and employees.
Infection prevention and commitment to health will become part of the new normal. Are you prepared?




We, too, have seen a significant drop in sales over the past few weeks. However, our first concern was to help our client-entrepreneurs and professionals survive. In cooperation with our funder, we decided to allow clients with their own LeaseLine contract to postpone payment. Without any extra administrative formalities and for a standard period of six months. Emotionally, we relieved them of some of their worries. This gesture was received with great thanks. Many of our customers are medical professionals and they saw their turnover drop to 0%. Emotional convenience … either, be empathetic and make it easy on your client.

After two weeks of administrative rush around postponing payments, things calmed down in-house because, unlike others, we didn’t receive any calls from unsatisfied customers. In fact, several times we were congratulated on our initiative and our solidarity.

From then on, we have been actively looking for a solution to the new needs of our customers. We kept projects in mind, with social support and for which financing is needed. Initially, we looked at small-scale projects of local companies. We know from experience that smaller, local companies are often more flexible, put excellent customer service first and get business or new business models implemented faster.

On social media an article was published about a UVD Robot (produced by the Danish Blue Ocean Robotics) that was said to be able to use UV-C light to destroy all bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus. The article talked about a test in the Sint-Dympna Hospital Geel. The supplier of the robot, Medtradex, happened to be a sister company of one of our existing partners in the medical sector, Simovision. Owner of LeaseLine, Geert Vandevenne, is an engineer by education and fascinated by techniques. After deepening scientific reading on disinfection via UV-C light, he was convinced. The partnership was born.



With Medtradex we found a reliable partner to contribute to a future of safer and healthier business. Common ground in our partnership are reliability, professionalism, customer centicity – also after sales – personal contact and customization. Together we dare to offer an accessible, scientifically based ‘COVID-19 proof‘ solution to enterprising Belgium and its customers.

Medtradex delivers high-tech equipment that can be used for Corona (SARS-CoV-2), MRSA, VRE, Norovirus, CPE and others. Their fully contactless and automated techniques are safe for people and the environment, and can be used anywhere.  With the Medtradex solutions (UVD Robot, Radic8, Nocospray…), any company could offer clients and employees a contamination-free environment by cleaning and disinfection of air and/or surfaces. Whether you are a doctor, beautician, shopkeeper or restaurant owner. No empty promises, but a medically validated method. Any entrepreneur, large or small, can get back in touch safely and with care for others after simple implementation. In addition, the UVD Robot is currently the only UVD Robot on the market as a autonomous operating robot worldwide.

References can count… Medtradex is supplier of University Hospital UZ Antwerpen, UZ Leuven and CHU ST Pierre. In the field of atomization disinfection (hydrogen peroxide), they are market leader in the Benelux with 75% market share. Medtradex therefore knows what they are talking about. LeaseLine is happy to follow that line. Together we share our expertise: they share their technology and we share our financial solutions. Our expertise ensures that a major investment like this is financially attainable for any company today. Together we want to help entrepreneurs, look after their health, share solutions and relieve them of their financial and fiscal worries.

What would our economy look like, should every entrepreneur focus on mental well-being and health?

Investing in these areas is not only necessary for today’s crisis that is ravaging us, but also to be better armed against crises that may follow. Together you will achieve more.



The keyword of LeaseLine has always been to relieve people of their workload. We strive for a meaningful relationship with our customers. Thinking along with a healthy working environment, for example, apart from the financial and fiscal aspects, is a self-evident part of this. We are also happy to take care of our clients, for example through flexibility in our contracts, so that they can start working with the latest techniques at any time when they are introduced to the market.

Moreover, we really want to share: not only our knowledge, solutions, technology and people, but also our network. This way, we also help our clients in other areas than the financial-fiscal field…

We believe that as a company you must also dare to look inwards during a crisis, to your identity, your roots. At LeaseLine we have reflected together with our team on this. Our brand new label ‘Care & Share by LeaseLine’ came out of this thinking exercise. With this label we offer even more than before, an ultra flexible, full-service contract for operational leasing or long-term rental. It puts even more focus on the fact that we want to offer the company financial support to make essential equipment accessible to everyone. Because we care, we love to share. We hope to contribute to a better world, that is our hope and it translates the philosophy behind the new ‘Care & Share by LeaseLine’ label.

Partners, manufacturers, importers or distributors have the possibility to offer this caring formula – whether or not in their own name (‘white label’) – to their customers, in order to expand their sales and service.

Together with our partners, we are happy to hear your story. Together we will take care of you, so you will be able to focus again on what makes you happy – doing business with passion and success.



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