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Leasing solutions in the medical sector

Buying medical devices can put a heavy strain on the financial situation of your practice or (private) hospital. Leasing significantly relieves this pressure, while you still have the most modern equipment at your disposal. For medical equipment we offer both on-balance (financial leasing) and off-balance solutions (renting and financial operational leasing) for investments of EUR 5,000.00 + VAT as a minimum.

Especially in a dental practice, modern equipment is crucial, such as an intraoral scanner. But even basic needs such as a dentist’s installation or a dentist’ chair can weigh heavily on your budget. Together, we determine which type of leasing best suits your needs. Thanks to our flexible tailor-made leasing proposal with a duration of 24 to 84 months, you do not need to postpone the necessary investments and can immediately start working with expert equipment.

LeaseLine proposes a variety of leasing solutions for dental practice equipment, such as a dentist’s chair, x-ray machine, laboratory equipment or other medical devices such as a measuring device, laser, etc.

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