Types of leasing

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What type of leasing do you need?

Financial leasing

Of the different types of leasing, financial leasing is the most classic type. The lessor purchases a certain item from the chosen supplier in your name (the lessee). After signing the lease, the lessor finances the entire purchase and you pay monthly leasing fees for using the item. In terms of accountancy, you are the owner of the item and therefore the investment good will be capitalised on the balance sheet and written off in accordance with your company’s standards, but the lessor takes care of financing, allowing you to have plenty of liquidity at your disposal and to spread the costs.

When the contract ends, you can acquire total ownership thanks to the accountant purchase option. This purchase option has to be less than or equal to 15% and may vary depending n-on the goods that were leased and the conditions of the leasing company.

Financial renting

You need a device, production machine or vehicle, but would rather not capitalise this investment on the balance sheet, to safeguard your solvency? With financial renting you opt for an off-balance type of leasing: the lessor purchases the item and rents it to you (the lessee) for a certain period of time in exchange for fixed monthly leasing fees. At the end of the renting contract you can exercise the purchase option. However, with this formula the purchase option needs to be over 15% of the purchase amount. The investment is not included in the balance sheet and the monthly fees are directly entered in the profit-and-loss account as rent.

Operational leasing

Want to absolutely keep up with the technological and stay one step ahead of your competitors, but a purchase option does not appeal to you as much? In that case, operational leasing or long-term rental is an even better formula that combines advantageous leasing fees and attractive fiscal optimisation. With operational leasing you decide yourself which additional services (insurance, maintenance, licences) you want to include.

By the way, did you know that LeaseLine also offers full-care contracts under its own label ‘We-CARE by leaseline’ for operational leasing or long-term rental? It would be our pleasure to compare them to offers made by other leasing companies to ensure the best deal for you.

Sale & lease back

You are already the owner of an investment item and, looking back, leasing would have been a better option than purchasing? Sale & Lease back is the solution.

You sell the investment good that you already own to a lessor and immediately sign a lease or renting contract. This way, liquidity becomes available again. To continue using the machine, vehicle or device, you only pay the periodic leasing fees.

Private leasing

For many years now, leasing has been very popular with companies. Nowadays, an increasing number of leasing arrangements are available for private persons, owners and directors of companies. Thinking about purchasing a car? Feel free to contact us to check whether this product qualifies for leasing.

LeaseLine only offers private leasing for passenger vehicles from an investment amount of 100,000 euros excl. VAT.

Intracommunity leasing for passenger vehicles

Living in Belgium and attached to a Dutch or Luxemburg company?
With intracommunity leasing the car is registered under a Belgian licence plate and the monthly fees are invoiced to the Dutch or Luxemburg company.

Vendor & White Label leasing

LeaseLine offers partners, manufacturers, importers or distributors – under their own name or otherwise (‘white label’) – solutions to increase their sales.
Are you a supplier of high-end products that qualify for leasing? Then it might be interesting to become a partner of LeaseLine. As a partner, you get access to our calculation module, allowing you to make your own leasing quotations for your customers. The perfect way to stimulate your sales.

Vendors who work with LeaseLine can enjoy additional benefits, via our integrated White label module. Your logo on the monthly invoices, but without the administrative hassle? LeaseLine makes it all possible. Extra visibility and customer loyalty without extra administrative hassle.

In addition, we will be at your service to advise you, based on our experience, about the most optimal financial arrangement for your client, bringing an investment within easy reach.

You prefer to fully focus on your own business and want to leave the financial proposals to us? If desired, we will contact your clients directly to propose the best formula tailored to their financial and fiscal situation. This way, you can offer your clients a solution without losing focus on your own business.

Interested? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to meet you.

Care & Share by LeaseLine

LeaseLine also offers full-care contracts under its own label ‘Care & Share by LeaseLine’ for long-term operational leasing or rental.

Partners, manufacturers, importers or distributors also have the option of offering this carefree formula – whether or not in their own name (‘white label’) – to their customers, in order to expand their sales and service.

The advantages of ‘Care & Share by LeaseLine’

  • maximum care
  • cost-effective, fast, feasible solution
  • simplicity – one invoice, no surprises
  • all-in price – no matter what
  • great flexibility – adaptations possible
  • shorter financial and fiscal processing possible
  • 100% customisation and tax optimisation
  • you can keep up with technological developments faster
  • partner for you as an entrepreneur, ‘Because we care, we love to share’!

Are you interested? Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.


Our philosophy

The key word of LeaseLine is to take away the concerns. We strive for a meaningful relationship with our clients. Thinking along with a healthy working environment, for example, apart from the financial and fiscal aspects, is a natural part of this. We also take care of our clients, for example through flexibility in our contracts, so that they can start working with new software or equipment at any time when it comes on the market.
On top of that, we really want to share: not only our knowledge, solutions, technology and people, but also our network. This way, we also help our clients in other areas besides tax and financial matters. That small contribution to a better world, that is our hope and translates the philosophy behind the carefree Care & Share contract.

How do we operate?

As a leasing broker

With LeaseLine you always get the best deal for your investment goods. In addition, our service is of a higher level.

As an independent leasing broker, we look for the most advantageous solution for your project, based on your financial, accounting and fiscal situation. This allows us to develop a formula tailored to your needs and with the leasing company that suits you best.

We are about:

  • open communication
  • transparent process
  • proper arrangements
  • personal approach
  • excellent service (speed, accessibility, knowledge, …)

We attach a great deal of importance to trustworthiness and require the same from our partners and our clients. This is the only way to enter into a collaboration that all parties can maximally benefit from.

As an operational leasing company

LeaseLine is also your partner for operational leasing or long-term rental.

On this website you will already find useful information about the possibilities. However, we can only give you proper advice when we know your personal situation. Feel free to request a quotation online or contact us. We offer various solutions for the operational leasing of e.g. medical devices, equipment, scanners, industrial equipment…

The benefits of ‘Care & Share by LeaseLine‘ contracts?

  • maximum care
  • cost-effective, fast, feasible solution
  • simplicity – one invoice, no surprises
  • all-in price – no matter what
  • great flexibility – adaptations possible
  • shorter financial and fiscal processing possible
  • 100% customisation and tax optimisation
  • you can keep up with technological developments faster
  • partner for you as an entrepreneur, ‘Because we care, we love to share’!


Medische sector


intraoral scanner, dentist’s chair, x-ray machine, laser, laboratory equipment, IT solutions, dental practice installations, measuring device, etc.

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combine harvester, agricultural engine, tractor, agricultural equipment, potato harvester, manure tank, baling press, sowing machine, screening plant, shredder, telescopic handler, wood chipper, etc.

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Panamera porsche zijkant


high-end passenger vehicle, new and recent used vehicle, e-bike, company car, electric vehicle, sportscar, motorcycle, bus, hearse, etc.

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tracked vehicle, platform lift, scissor lift, platform trailer, washer, dryer, cleaning machine, unblocking machine, forklift, spraying machine, etc.

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IT, AI & industry

robotics, 3D printer, LED, server, workstations, printer, vending machine, hyperconnected infrastructure, monitoring, automation, packing machine, etc.

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Olivier Cavillot - 2


excavator, articulated loader, levelling machine, shaking sieve, rotating sieve, rock crusher, bulldozer, wheeled loader, tyre crane, teletruck, dumper, etc.

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